Pak Gıda İhracat A.Ş.


Pakmaya is one of the top yeast producers in the world, having achieved a capacity equivalent to 250,000 tons of fresh yeast through stable growth ever since 1973.

First baker’s yeast plant in Turkey commenced production in 1973 at Kosekoy - Kocaeli, about 100 km from Istanbul. The brand name Pakmaya became synonymous with industrial yeast, which in turn revolutionized the way bakeries made bread. To meet the ever-increasing demand, a second production plant was built at Izmir -Kemalpasa in 1986 followed by a third at Duzce - Cumayeri in 1990. A fourth baker’s yeast production plant was established in Romania - Pascani in 1998 to serve the East European market.

All Pakmaya plants conform to the highest level of international hygiene and quality standards, using all-computerized systems for production, accounting, warehousing and delivery. An experienced team of around 1,000 people produce fresh, active dry, and instant yeast varieties in Pakmaya plants. State-of-the-art machinery and equipment is used to ensure highest possible quality and hygiene standards.

Along with FAGEM (Bakery R&D Center-founded in 1989) is a center where all kinds of analysis and research about the raw materials of bread are being performed.

FAGEM is an education center where all the challenges about baker’s yeast are solved; many bakers worldwide visit FAGEM and attend the seminars.

Moreover, Pbio Pak Biotechnology Center (Pakmaya Biotechnology R&D Center-founded in 1988), researches are carried out continuosly on product development of various kinds of baker’s yeast. Pakmaya, leader of the Turkish market, exports to more than 130 countries worldwide.

To complement the baker’s yeast products, As Gida, also a Pak Group company, was established in 1986. As Gida specializes in bread additives, bread improvers, flour fortifiers and improvers, premixes, pastry ingredients such as whipped creams and gels, as well as milling products.

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